Centers of excellence in Rhône-Alpes


In order to roll out its strategy in uniform manner through the region, Imaginove relies on four regional “poles” or centers of excellence, of national or international repute, all created in 2006 by the Cultural Direction of the Rhône-Alpes region and all bearing strong identities:

  • CITIA, based in Annecy (Haute Savoie): creative industries,
  • La Cartoucherie in Bourg-lès-Valence: animation films,
  • The village of Lussas in Ardèche: creative documentaries
  • Pixel, in Lyon/Villeurbanne: audiovisual, cinema, video games and new digital content.


Each of these clusters is active in contributing to the growth of their local businesses, synching harmoniously with Imaginove’s operations. Thanks to extensions planned for Pixel and La Cartoucherie, and the 2015 inauguration of the Papeteries in Cran-Gevrier (74) (incubator, enterprise workshop or “hotel”, co-working space), 3 of the 4 clusters will have their own economic development area at their disposal, further enabling innovative measures to prosper: training, assistance programs, think-tanks, backing for digital content and usages projects, etc). This added impetus will streamline the creation of new activities centered on digital content and usages industries.

Training is also a major point of interest, as proven by the significant work done by Citia with Les Gobelins, CCI Formation, Sciences Po and the Université de Savoie, as well as by the solid ties linking Lussas and Grenoble’s Université Stendhal, all fine examples of success.

These 4 clusters all strive on local and national levels to boost the Rhône-Alpes sector of creative content and digital usages.

Vos contacts privilégiés :

Pôle PIXEL                                                                                       
Sébastien Thomas-Chaffange – Responsable du Pôle PIXEL
04 26 68 74 29

Tel 04 50 10 09 00

La Cartoucherie
Ilan Urroz – Chargé de développement économique
Tel 04 75 75 98 57

Le village de Lussas en Ardèche
Tel +33 (0)4 75 94 28 06