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Perpetual innovation and exchanges are vital to the well-being of our sector. Through its scope of ambitious global development, especially within a primary European tier, Imaginove has chosen to nurture regional R&D projects endowed with an international view and impact. Cultural and technical differences are seen as mere advantages serving to push the boundaries of the future!

Imaginove thereby intends to enhance the future value of Rhône Alpes-based innovation by infusing notable companies and labs with a strongly-shared European approach to the 6 major points of the Horizon 2020 program!

6 important European Horizon 2020 challenges to which Imaginove is applying its extensive know-how and network:

  • Health and newly-developed e-services
  • Food safety and traceability resources
  • Inclusive society that is more collective, global and safe
  • More secure and cleaner energy, including performance-linked innovations
  • Smart transportation and pooled options
  • Solutions for climate change warning and control

In order to infuse and roll out these key programs, we have initiated and facilitated privileged partnerships for our members. We have designed an entire range of services specifically for SMEs (innovation, development, financing and business). Certain defined funding measures can cover up to 70% of expenditure.


A simplified and accelerated watch maintained on Calls for Projects covering every sector of the Horizon 2020 program. This is within a partnership involving ARDI Europe expertise. We can help you obtain listing on the CORDIS platform that centralizes and combines all companies wishing to invest and share in an R&D project.

A program to enhance competitive edge and instigate the start up of SMEs, ,called COSME.

A program for interregional development among European clusters to foment business exchanges and opportunities, as well as contacts and expansion. This program is known as InterReg 4C.

Funding to finance the drafting and structuring of an R&D dossier by a consulting firm (up to 50% covered by BPI France). This solution is called APT / APTE.

The Eurostars program.
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Funding can cover up to 70% of spend, and 3 foreign partners are required. The financing levels can range from 1 to 10, depending on how relevant your project is: from 1 to 5: financed almost 100%. From 5 to 10: financed at close to 70%.
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“Working actively with its partners, members and companies, Imaginove has developed more and more international projects. We’ve even earned the Bronze European Label. With the dynamic thrust of our sector, we want to work along with you to progress together through the next steps, enriching the offer and the future associated Labels.”

Contact us so that – together – we can explore the best solutions, simplify footwork, explore the most promising development vectors, and more.

David Gal-Régniez – Head of Imaginove’s Innovation project

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