Missions Abroad

motion traveler

Imaginove organizes prospecting trips to regions which are of importance to the digital usages/content business sectors


  • A trip to Canada and a second one to the U.S. on the subject of video games, multimedia and audiovisual outlets, for 6 to 8 companies per country.
  • A trip to Senegal (operator: Ardèche Images, a regional center of excellence dedicated to documentaries) to create conditions for co-productions between Rhône-Alpes producers and African authors and producers.

Sales prospection trip to Canada – Montréal and Toronto, April 28 to May 3, 2014

In partnership with ALSAGO and UNTERVAL and PRIMI, Imaginove organized business meetings in Montreal from April 28 to 30, 2014. This mission targeted companies which work in images, animation or trans-media and which hope to expand to Canada, a reactive and captive market where bilateral exchanges have prospered for many years.

Votre contact privilégié : Marie Soufflot – Chef de Projet Commercial et International
04 37 56 89 01