Imaginove helps you on all levels of company activity by analyzing your needs and facilitating contacts with top-notch stakeholders.

Increasing company equity, financing R&D projects or just simply streamlining relationships in financial circles: these are the most common areas where we can be of assistance. We can provide advice to define the right time for financing growth or specific expansion, leading to enhanced operations and optimized shareholdership.
To date, we’ve provided a helping hand to approximately twenty companies, for highly diverse levels of impact (bank loans, loans on trust, seed capital (about 250,000 euros)).
These financial needs can also be managed within the framework of the assistance programs which you are able to access.


The 3 missions are the basis of most financial help:

  • start-up
  • seeding
  • expansion

Votre contact privilégié : Marie Soufflot – Chef de Projet Commercial et International
04 37 56 89 01