Strategic positioning

The Imaginove cluster implements forthright and specific thematic positioning.

Its goal is to use R&D like a tool serving new usages and to convene all of the sectors related to digital creative content, from traditional sectors (movies, video games…) to synergy-rich sectors (mobility/transportation, education…). For the operational side of the cluster this means continuously adapting. Indeed, it’s a fact that the creative digital content sector is perpetually evolving. Since all usages require content, all creative sectors can potentially be concerned (comic books, literature…). A great many companies from different sectors may therefore be interested by the cluster’s operations.

As for innovation, the innovative practices of the cluster were lauded by the assessors in January 2012. These practices are centered around 6 major themes, as follows: collaborative R&D projects, technological watch, new emerging contents, ties with the other clusters and centers of excellence, programs for developing companies, as well as the Rhône-Alpes “écoles de l’image” network.

With the principal local partners, the challenge is to assist companies in strengthening their innovative capacity on existing markets (traditional industries) and on emerging ones (partner industries). Within the cluster, this effort is abetted by an extensive in-cluster academic framework (14% of the members are research and/or training entities) and by the fact that the region has plentiful SMEs (85% of members are companies with fewer than 250 employees).

The challenges for the digital usages and content technologies are to crystallize innovation combining the vast technological potential of the region with the other competitive clusters and centers of excellence (Minalogic, LUTB, I-Care, Edit, Cité du Design, etc. ) in order to design new content.

Above and beyond technological innovations, the Imaginove cluster promotes a complementary approach of innovation by usage. This approach begins far upstream in the value creation chain to merge the viewpoints of those who offer, those who use and those who finance, so as to design sustainable products and services.

Last of all, the digital usages and content technologies are mainly technologies of integration. Therefore it is more a matter of maintaining close ties with the industries of “support” technologies, electronic equipment, and data processing.

Meanwhile, along with these lines of direction, the Imaginove cluster must also intensify the inter-clustering efforts that it has initiated over the past few years.

Feuille de route stratégique

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