Key data and figures

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The “digital content and usages” sector involves all stakeholders who produce and broadcast images – real or virtual – in the fields of CINEMA, AUDIOVISUAL, ANIMATION, VIDEO GAMES and MULTI-MEDIA (at present, robotics and connected objects are considered part of the multi-media category). The Rhône-Alpes region possesses one of the densest concentrations of companies and jobs in this sector, thanks to a determined policy backing digital animation and multi-media. Under the patronage of the Imaginove cluster, 4 Rhône-Alpes centers of excellence have been identified on a national level, focusing on animated movies (Citia in Annecy and La Cartoucherie in Bourg-lès-Valence), audio-visual (Pixel in Villeurbanne) and documentaries (Lussas in Ardèche). In 2012, the industry accounted for 1,369 companies, 11,960 people and 607 M€ in sales.

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