In the context of different calls for projects pertinent to the competitive clusters, whether they concern the FUI inter-ministerial funds or the “Investments of the Future” (PSPC), all projects should necessarily bear a label.

Imaginove has set up a label endowment system which – from the original idea through to its implementation – boosts each step with useful expertise and advice so that top-quality final dossiers can be filed, well adapted to the different public funds’ calls for R&D projects.

To request Imaginove labeling for a project, one must either be a certified member of Imaginove or have requested membership. To obtain Imaginove labeling it’s necessary to meet the eligibility criteria of the specs charts detailed in the given calls for proposals.

To do this successfully and because of their expertise, the members of the Imaginove Scientific Council ensure that the following elements are clearly included in the filed applications:  : list of scientific council members, click here

  • Innovation: in technology, services and/or usage
  • Type of consortium
  • Business Model
  • Project management
  • Economic benefits


Joint projects

Single-partner projects

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