Our missions

The Imaginove competitive cluster federates and contributes to the expansion of projects and businesses belonging to the digital content industry in the Rhône-Alpes region. Its activities stimulate the region’s dynamics and boost its national and global renown.

Imaginove is rooted in a strong Rhône-Alpes digital usages and content industry: 1,200 businesses, 25 research labs, 28 training modules related to images, as well as top-flight international events such as the Annecy Animation Film Festival and Market, the Serious Game Expo, Innorobo, and more. To heighten the dynamics, the team supports Rhône-Alpes’ companies in three competitive domains (Research & Development, Commercial and International, Training) via concrete assistance measures.

Since its founding in 2006, Imaginove has backed players in the cultural and creative images industry (video games, movies, audiovisual, multi-media) by developing true dynamics among them. The number of cooperative label-bearing R&D projects has grown exponentially over the past 3 or 4 years (average of 40/year). Meanwhile, the cluster has succeeded in developing numerous innovative practices, as noted by assessors in January 2012, covering: training, global expansion and emergence of innovative projects which combine creation of content, usages and technologies, networking, and collective action programs.

After 7 full years of practice, the cluster proudly lists its major achievements:

  • 160 members
  • 175 joint R&D labeled projects since 2007 for a total of 350M€ (of which 2/3 involving SMEs) as well as 85 projects financed for a total of 130M€ (FUI, ANR, 2009 & 2010 Serious Game New Usages, Go Innovation/Oseo).
  • Noteworthy progression in FUI funding now financing 5 to 6 projects a year among a dozen projects which have been granted labeling.
  • Reinforced relations with 15 regional labs.
  • Strategic assistance for 200 SMEs (innovation, commercial, international, HR) with sales progression of 28% and a 21% increase in jobs.
  • 40 missions abroad since its founding.
  • 1,500 hours of training organized/year.
  • Creation of a Talents site, with 450 companies enrolled and 40 ongoing offers.
  • Creation of an “écoles de l’image” network with 16 training modules granted labeling by professionals and clusters.
  • Participation in 20 international trade shows/fairs per year.

Imaginove’s target is to increasingly serve as a top European reference where the future of digital content and usages takes shape. Resolutely turned toward the creation and production of content, the competitive cluster is able to foresee new usages, rebounding off new technologies to push future limits. Over the past 6 years our value chain has changed remarkably, integrating new circulation platforms such as the web as well as recent communicating objects such as Smartphones, tablets or even home robotics and smart textiles.

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