Technology Watch

Our industries are constantly evolving, so for us it’s obvious that we must provide members with state-of-the-art technological watch tools. In order to offer the very best strategic service, we recommend 3 unique and complementary tools.

Through the Think-Tanks, and their diversified top-level editorial line, you’ll be able to identify prospective targets and discover both opportunities for R&D projects and future business for your entities. Open to all, these Think-Tanks convene people of diversified talents, expert speakers and – more generally – all those who feel at home in the fields of digital content and usages and who hope to serenely design a future that blends content, technologies and uses. Later, workshops and conferences will assist in generating operational deliverables (articles, videos, white papers).


The intelligence tool launched in September 2013 completes the Think-Tank approach by opening up an international dimension to your strategic deliberations, especially thanks to the partnerships which Imaginove has perfected with other international clusters.

When the Imaginove cluster participates in a major trade show, it makes the most of its presence there to conduct market- and technology-based monitoring. In 2013, the efforts were centered on South America. No matter which – whether Chile, Mexico, Brazil or Columbia – these are countries experiencing strong growth in the industries Imaginove oversees, structured along a cluster model.

What’s more, Imaginove is strengthening its coverage of technological events so as to structure an extensive technological watch, develop the right contacts and identify partnership potential. As such, Imaginove can rely on its network of partners to obtain contacts that count.

In this vein, Imaginove participates in major events (international conferences, fairs).

Places: USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, North America, Europe.
Partners: fellow clusters of Imaginove and other competitive excellence centers (Cap Digital, Images et Réseaux).
Events: Lift, Geneva (February)
GDC, San Francisco (March)
Adobe Max, Los Angeles (May)
Siggraph, Los Angeles (July) (French booth with Cap Digital)
Unite 2013, conferences organized by Unity, Amsterdam (August)
Playful, London, (October)
Satis, Paris, (November)
Last but not least, the the Project Boosters organized by Imaginove 2 or 3 times a year are opportunities for presenting projects, scouting out partners (labs, companies, financing) and also keeping up to date on the latest R&D horizons.

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