An Imaginove Think-Tank is an open deliberation group. It actively conjoins communities to brainstorm on themes important to the various professions of the digital content industry – producing content and organizing events.


  • Contribute to nourishing the deliberations of the Imaginove cluster: what will the future be?
  • Expand the renown of Imaginove by building its editorial line.
  • Organize events (workshops and conferences) and package deliverables (articles, videos, white papers).


  • Attending the sector’s main events (egg: GDC, Forum Blanc, Satis, SXSW) to design articles, videos, even wrap-up meetings…
  • Promoting sponsor-backed events (presentation of new products – cameras, lenses, software, accessories, etc.)
  • Workshops on creativity/co-design
  • Conferences
  • Key players’ portraits… to draft profiles of the professional members of the Imaginove network

The subjects dealt with by the Imaginove Think-Tanks change in relation to members’ intent and investment. To date, a number of themes have already been launched.
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